Rajiv Bajaj“I may not be all that I should be, but I’m more than I used to be, and God isn’t finished with me yet !”

Okay, so who am I ?

Hi. My name is Rajiv Bajaj, and I’m from New Delhi, India. I am an entrepreneur and run a small outfit that is into B2B marketing of Tourism Products & Services, and a part-time Trainer / Instructor. To view my detailed profile on Linked In, please click here. I have a keen interest in training, and I’m also a ISTD certified trainer, actively involved with trainings for the last 7 years. I’m a visiting faculty with several institutes and have a keen interest in online education.

About This Blog

Over the last one year, I have developed a keen interest in the world of Online Education. It was quite by chance that I stumbled upon a video of Daphne Kohler speaking about Coursera.org, and I was fascinated with the possibilities of online education. I went ahead and enrolled in a few of the courses offered by Coursera but it was not till one month ago that the first course started, and I have just finished it. I am currently enrolled in a few more courses as well.

This blog has been set up by me as an optional activity suggested by the course instructors. However, I do not wish to limit the scope of this blog to just one course. I intend to share here my thoughts not only on the course that I am currently pursuing, but also on various other courses that I am following. I am also going to share here some links to useful tools and other sites & blogs that are related to MOOCs and Online Learning.

My Online Presence

Being a computer enthusiast and a CMS hobbyist, I prefer to make and maintain my own websites. I have also shared some of my work on various sharing platforms. The links to such sites and platforms are given below:

Rajiv’s Motivation Zone

My Authorstream Presentations

My Slideshare Presentations



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