A Stranger Goes Out Of His Way To Help ! #edcmooc

Thank You

Thank you, Brice !

A few days ago, I had added the blog feeds of several participants to the UNOFFICIAL Blog feed on edcmooc.rocks, and was pretty happy with the results, considering the fact that I am not a techie, and happily went about tweeting it to the world. However, the tweet below from a fellow EDCMOOCer brought me back to reality.

Here was someone who had noticed a major flaw with what I had done. He had spotted the one detail that I should have paid attention to, but didn’t. I had used a plug-in to pull the RSS feed by blog-name, not realizing that it would pull in any post, whether it was related to EDCMOOC or not. Thanks, Winslie Gomez for having brought this to my attention !

Since I am not a techie, I was totally at a loss as to how this issue should be resolved. I use WordPress to create my sites, and to get the desired functionality, I use plug-ins made freely available by seasoned developers who know that there are many WordPress users like me depending on them to share their work with the world with no strings attached.

So back I went to the website of Brice Capobianco, who is the developer of this particular plug-in, and sent him a message outlining my problem to him, with a request for solution. I was not even sure whether I would get a response, leave alone a solution, because in the past too, it has been my experience that a response to an individual’s issues is rare. However, I was pleasantly surprised when, less than 24 hours later, I got a mail from Brice Capobianco, who responded despite being on vacation that he would be able to give me a solution and would get back to me after he was back and had better access to the net.

Sure enough, the very next evening I had another mail from Brice, enclosing the solution. He had not only written a code for specific keyword search, he had also updated the plug-in and made a newer version available for everyone, which included this updated parameter that pulls in RSS posts with specific keywords. This morning, I updated the previously installed plug-in, and used the new shortcode send by Brice,and sure enough, it worked ! I immediately updated all the FEED pages with the new shortcode and am happy to inform everyone that his plug-in is working flawlessly.

By now, you, the reader, might be wondering why I am sharing a post which is not related to EDCMOOC. The reason is simple. We are all studying about technology and its uses in education and also how it impacts our daily lives.There was no reason for Brice to go out of his way to respond to me, leave alone help me, and that too while he was on vacation. After all, I am a complete stranger to him. We have never met and he does not know me from Adam. And yet, he went out of his way to help.

This just illustrates one very important fact – No matter how many advances technology makes, it still needs selfless and good individuals like Brice to propagate and to be available for others to use. No amount of technology can ever replace humanity and human generosity.

Thank you, Brice… you ROCK !


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