“Botty Moments” #edcmooc #edcmoocrocks

Botty, AKA Teacher Bot, AKA @edcmooc

Botty, AKA Teacher Bot, AKA @edcmooc

OK..so we all know that this run of EDCMOOC is different from the previous runs of the program. And the difference is the Teacher Bot, introduced for the very first time on an experimental basis.

The official introduction of the teacher bot on the Coursera site says:

‘Teacher bot’ is an automated response system that will reply to course tweets, providing guidance about the course or perhaps engaging in discussion. It will look out for specific key words in your tweets, and reply from a bank for predetermined answers written by the teaching team. You will see teacher bot answers coming from the official EDCMOOC Twitter account: @edcmooc.

So far so good. Except for the fact that some of us have had a few hilarious moments with the bot as well.

Since so many people were having fun with Botty, we decided to dedicate a section entirely to “her”. This page is a light-hearted attempt to capture those moments. We invite you to share those “Botty” Moments with us by embedding the tweets in the comments section below.

Here is what you need to do –

1. Look for the tweets where you interacted with Botty.

2. Click on the …. dots that appear in the tweet, which will open a drop-down menu – see image below.


3. Click on Embed Tweet. A new pop-up window will open with some HTML code. Copy the code highlighted in blue colour. See the image below.


4. Paste the code below in the Comments box below. The tweet will get embedded there.

You will, of course, need to be logged in to comment, which you can do by using one of the social-media icons in the log-in box on the right hand sidebar of the page. In case you are still  not sure how to go about embedding the tweets, you can follow the alternate route by re-tweeting those tweets you wish to share, adding the hashtag #edcmoocrocks, and we will find them and embed them for you.

That’s it !

Let us all share some fun Botty Moments through this journey called EDCMOOC, away from Utopias, Dystopias and what have you !


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