Are You A Fan Of #edcmooc #edcmoocrocks ?

edcmooc rocks

For many people out there, including myself, EDCMOOC was a unique experience. I was among those who did the course in 2013, and through the course ended in December, EDCMOOC never did end for me. Many of us became hooked – that’s what Connectivism does to you.

If you love EDCMOOC and all the activity that goes with it, we invite you to join us on – an unofficial fan site of EDCMOOC, made by EDCMOOCers for EDCMOOCers – past and present. The site admins would be familiar to most of the former EDCMOOCers and include people like Ary Aranguiz (@trendingteacher), Madhura Pradhan (@maddiekp), Dimitra Kapnia (@dkapnia), Sandra Sinfield (@Danceswithcloud), Monica Huang (@monica_yaya), Whitney Farmer (@farmer_whitney) and Rajiv Bajaj (@rajiv63 – that’s me !)

Feel free to join up there – we have made it easy for you by providing several social media log-in options. Do let us have your news, views and comments. And for those blogging their ideas on the course, may we also request you to share your posts on this site using the Submit A Post option ?

The site is far from complete yet, having been set up just about a week ago, and though there is still a lot to be done there, we have made it online so that we can catch the action there also, as the course progresses. We have also tried to make available there some resources for the people currently enrolled in EDCMOOC3, which include a Twitter feed of #edcmooc, a blog feed of EDCMOOC from University of Edinburgh, some embedded Pinterest Boards related to EDCMOOC, and embedded Padlet wals featuring the artefacts submitted by participants of the previous runs of the course.

In the resources section we have tried to make available some useful resources and links to reference material, and also, downloadable files of all videos featured in the course. This will particularly be useful for people in countries where access to video sharing sites is not available. We will also make available there the downloadable video files of the weekly hangouts, along with their audio conversions, soon after the hangouts take place. If you would like to share any more resources and links there, please share them with us by adding a comment here, or by sending a tweet to @edcmoocrocks – the Twitter handle being used by us for this site. We have also created a Facebook Page for this site, and invite you to “like” us there too !

In the Tools & Tips section we will feature useful tools that participants can make use of while pursuing the course, along with embedded tutorials wherever possible.

Any suggestions for improvements and enhancements to the site are more than welcome !


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