A Late Start, But Here I Am #edcmooc #edcmoocrocks

Ok.. so I missed the official start date of 3rd November as I was travelling, but as they say, better late than never, so here I am, getting ready to roll with the EDCMOOC. This is my second time here – the first time was as a participant, and this time round, as a CTA – Community Teaching Assistant.

For some of us, EDCMOOC never really ended. In our own group of “Fraingers” we continued to meet in social space and discuss. EDCMOOC has a way of sucking you in, as many of the first-timers will probably experience here as the course progresses. The excitement is never-ending. Social learning inspires many to put on their thinking caps and keep coming back for more, which is the USP of this course.

Just to let you in on a project that just took shape over the last week or so – some of us old-timers got together and created a fan-site, so to speak, for EDCMOOC, that has just gone live, and though kind of bare right now, it is beginning to take shape. EDCMOOC is a truly rocking course, and so it was only appropriate that we used the url http://www.edcmooc.rocks to create this tribute to this wonderful, crazy, maddening and yet exciting MOOC – probably one of the most exciting MOOCS that you will find today.

I would also like to invite you to join us and share your blog posts on this site as well, again with the same hashtag.

More posts to follow soon as I delve deeper into the course soon…


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