Converting Powerpoint To Video #edcmooc

A post on the #EDCMOOC Facebook book had caught my attention this morning, whereby a member had asked a question concerning Powerpoint. More specifically, the question was about converting a Powerpoint presentation to video, and what tools can be used for doing so.

Since I have been using Powerpoint for several years, and have used several versions of it, I am quite familiar with its capabilities. What many people do not know is that Powerpoint versions 2010 onwards have an inbuilt capability of converting a presentation to video.

The basic requirement for creating a Powerpoint presentation to video is that –

  1. The slides must have pre-rehearsed timings.
  2. Audio can either be recorded in the presentation as per the timings as a narration, or a music track can be inserted in the presentation, with timings set to run for an x number of slides – x being the desired number of slides that you wish to set for a track, or till the last slide of the presentation.
  3. Ideally, some slide transition or animation should be used as it gives a good effect in the video.

Having followed the basic requirements, here is a step-by-step guide of what you need to do, along with some screenshots:

Click on the File Tab. You will see a screen similar to the one below.

Step 1

Next, Click on Save As, which will open a screen like this one:

Step 2

In the above dialogue box, where it says Save As Type – Powerpoint Presentation, there is a small arrow on the right hand side which opens a drop down menu like the one shown below. In the options that appear, select Windows Media Video as highlighted in blue colour in the image below.

Step 3

That’s it. It will take some time to convert it to video, depending on the size of the file, the resolution of the images used, and the size of the audio file used. The end result will be  a perfect video in high resolution. My own artefact which I submitted for EDC MOOC yesterday was created the same way, and the screen shots that you see above are actually from the artefact.

Here is another example of videos that can be created using the same tool –

Great tool.. this Powerpoint. Just love what it is capable of. If you have any other queries concerning powerpoint, please feel free to ask me.


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