Prisoners Of Our Own Self-Images – Avatar Days #edcmooc

A very long time ago – probably centuries ago, I had read something very profound in a book, that has stayed with me all these years. “We are all prisoners of our own self-images. We tend to behave in a manner that WE think people would expect us to behave.”

Avatar Days brought his statement sharply into my focus once again.  “A seamless merging of virtual and real life.”

In some ways, it is reminiscent of the “Sight” video from week 2, where  the protagonists see everything as a game to score points in and win badges. Avatar Days in a way is quite similar – the people in question see themselves as their game avatars – viewing the world through their own “self-images”, – so to speak.

A dystopic vision of gaming – a permanent “simulation” of the kind of life the avatars would like to be living. Imagine living a life of make-believe all the time ? I wonder when does the blurring of real and simulation start happening. Do the individuals even realize that the lines between real and virtual are blurring ?


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