Gumdrop – So Alive, Yet Not Human #edcmooc

Bubbly, vivacious, charming, cheerful and full of life. And yet not alive. This is Gumdrop, a thinking, feeling robot who is so “human”, and yet distinctly a machine.

She has human values and principles – she doesn’t do hallucinogenics or nudity. She has aspirations of becoming an actress like many other girls do. She has distinct “memories” of her childhood. She has her likes and dislikes.  She even sounds like a normal girl. She plays the “character” for the audition with remarkable ease, even modulating her voice to suit the character. In fact, if she wasn’t visible – let’s say she was interacting with you over the phone – you would be forgiven for thinking that she was a real girl.

And yet, despite all her liveliness, she isn’t human. An alien or a machine that’s like a human but not human. For the same reason that Robbie wasn’t human.

However, compared to Robbie, the vision portrayed in this video is a lot less dystopian compared to Robbie. Something that could, perhaps, become a reality one day. A much more palatable reality that one could live with in the posthuman future.

But the question that this video raises in my mind is – would we humans ever treat such machines at par with other humans ? I think not. And then what happens ? Being creations that are capable of human emotions, won’t they then begin to feel discontent ? Or would that emotion be left out from the programming ?


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