Missing In Action #edcmooc

Several days have gone by without my having written a single meaningful post on the course material of this week. Not because of lack of inclination but because of paucity of time. As we draw closer to the end of the course, and with the deadline of the artefact looming large, this week I have devoted whatever time I could spare in preparing my artefact. I am happy to share that it is ready and uploaded to You Tube, and I shall soon share the link on my blog and will submit it well before the deadline. This does not in any way imply that I am not going to engage with the pending course material. Far from it. I am just getting the artefact out of the way so that I can then channelize all my attention and energy into clearing the backlog. And clear it I will because I hate to leave things half-done.

And so, having declared my intentions aloud and for the whole world to see, I am reiterating my commitment to this course. The course may officially end soon, but my commitment to finishing it will not. I am doing whatever I can “humanly” do to cover the lost ground, and shall soon be back with my thoughts on the course material of the week.


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